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Pond-Tipp: Safely through the Winter

Garden-Pond-Tip: Safely through the Winter

Slowly, the days are getting shorter and the autumn season is gradually changing to winter season. During wintertime the fish move to deeper layers of water where they are staying until spring in a kind of hibernation. Their heartbeat slows down to approximately one beat per minute while the metabolic rate comes almost to a complete standstill. Being in hibernation, fish hardly absorb any oxygen and completely renounce any food.

In order to avoid any typical spring diseases the pond inhabitants should be prepared accordingly. The individual proceeding in order to prepare the precious fish for wintertime is easily implemented at low costs.

It is their fat reserves that protect the creatures from cold and physical weakness. These fat reserves should be specifically given before wintertime is starting. Feed the fish by adding small portions several times a day. Make sure that the fish take the food and that there are no remaining particles of fish feed in the water. It is important to administer the required vitamins and minerals during the feeding in order to maintain the special condition. By this means you support the fish to build up their fat reserves, moreover, their metabolism is revitalized. At low temperatures you should only use food which can be easily digested, such as Sanikoi or Staple Prime. Due to the high proportion of wheat germ as well as the added vitamins, this food is perfect for being fed in autumn.

Safely through the Winter

The temperatures in the pond should be checked regularly and if possible, reduced by gradual means. Sometimes the pond inhabitants tend to react in a sensitive way to extreme temperature fluctuations. Even temperature changes of 4°C in the course of 24 hours can be extremely stressful for the creatures. This is why the temperature-regulating measures especially with regard to smaller ponds are important. Smaller ponds tend to cool down rather quickly. Due to their lack of depth it is not ensured that there is a layer with a height of approximately 40 cm and a temperature of about 4°C. It is a fact that at about 4°C the water has its highest density and keeps sinking by its own weight thus ensuring that in a depth of more than 80 cm the survival in winter should be possible without any problems. In a pond volume of more than 30.000 litres, the heat is stored sufficiently in the water and the cooling measurably slowed down. Any intervention is necessary only in extreme weather conditions.

Be careful if the pond pump remains in operation during wintertime. The layers of water are mixed while the protecting layer of water at the pond´s ground is cooled down due to the cold water on the surface. While the formation of ice on the surface can be avoided for a while, the pond inhabitants on the bottom of the pond are freezing to death because the water temperature drops below 4 °C. The flow should be as low as possible in those spots where the pond inhabitants have settled down for wintertime in order to prevent cold water from entering the quiet zone.

During wintertime immersion pumps should be stored protectively against frost. In winter, oxygen produced by e.g. the Canadian waterweed (Egeria densa) and hornwort plants are sufficient for the pond inhabitants in their resting position. It is useful to operate rather an oxydator or a pond ventilator than a pond pump. The pond water is supplied with fine bubbles of oxygen and putrefaction prevented.

Hibernation also means to refrain from any construction work nearby the pond. Otherwise the fish are troubled while their consumption on energy increases which in turn enhances the risk of a weak condition in spring and illness. In case the pond freezes you should avoid to break it open by tapping or the like. You better thaw the ice with a hair dryer or hot water.

In order to avoid an extreme cooling you can cover the pond by using various materials such polystyrene, polyethylene-balls, twin-wall sheets and more. However, the aforementioned measures should only apply for smaller ponds or in extreme weather conditions. In any case make sure that there is a small spot in the pond that remains uncovered. Said small space should be kept free of ice in order to provide the gas exchange. Moreover, the ice-free spot allows the observation of the pond inhabitants during wintertime thus making possible the immediate intervention in the event of any desease that might occur.

A pond heater in combination with a frost guard have proved to be the most effective and economical ones. The frost guard switches on the pond heater when the temperature is about 0°C thus avoiding the total freezing of the pond. Such systems are offered for example by Schego.

If possible, always keep checking the quality of the water during the winter. If the pond has been well maintained and cleaned in autumn there should be no problems in the course of winter. In winter fish should be fed only when there are continuously warm temperatures. Keep in mind that the food, if it is not eaten, could lead to a problem in spring since it affects the water quality.

Airbrush-Spray Booth Compressor Suction Unit

Airbrush Spray Booth tested by Airbrush Step by Step

Our Airbrush Spray Booth device was tested and approved by the magazine Airbrush Step by Step. Of course, we do not withhold from you neither the report nor the successful video of the product.

Clean indoor air thanks to the suction device of WilTec Airbrush

Paint mist is even more persistent than dust. Especially at home it is not unusual to find a thin layer of paint on the furniture after brushing. However, with the help of a suction device this can be prevented, depending on the size and quantity of paint.

As for this report, we have focused on the suction system of WilTec´s HS-E420DCLK. Thanks to the detailed and illustrated manual, the assembly can be done within a short time. As for the colour gradient in illustrations, the suction system is well-suited up to a width of approximately 36 cm to the effect that there is even room for favoured formats such as for example 50 x 36 cm. Models up to a size of 30 x 38 x 30 cm will fit as well. It might be a bit too tight for a motorcycle helmet, but the cover flap can be folded away. As for wider objects, two suction devices are simply mounted together.

A further characteristic is the integrated LED-lighting. Especially with regard to the painting of models and pieces this has proved to be practical and saves the artist to adjust other lighting situations, especially in rooms that are poorly lit. The LED strip sets light to the suction device from the left, right and above to the effect that there is a balanced lighting. The LED-strip is simply plugged into the power adapter and may be removed by merely one grip at any time.

There is also a turntable enclosed which has a diameter of about 19.5 cm. According to the manufacturer, nearly all paint and liquid particles can be removed without affecting the environment thanks to a very fine-meshed filter.

The filter can be easily replaced and is available as a spare part filter from the manufacturer. There is also enclosed an air-evacuation hose as an accessory that may be additionally connected directly to the device and thereafter tapped into the window gap. Having a decibel of 45, the suction device has a normal volume.

The suction device can be simply built back. It is easily transported and stored thanks to an integrated handle. Those who intend to keep their workplace in a clean and proper condition will find a favourable first opportunity providing many practical functions.

The version with LED strip and an air flow rate of 4m³/min can be purchased at WilTec for 125,56 Euro. Alternatively, there are two versions without LED, with 3m³/min for 92,39 Euro or with 4m³/min for 116,57 Euro.

Video (Quelle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY2c42IBYWk):

Magazin Airbrush Step by Step (06-2015):

Airbrush-Spray Booth Compressor Suction Unit

Summary of the various models in WilTec´s shop:

Airbrush Suction Unit 4m³/min HS-E420DC 12 Volt

• Airbrush Suction unit HS-E420DC
• fast assembling and disassembling
• combinable
• 4m³/min / 45 dB / 12 Volt/DC

Airbrush Suction Unit 4m³/min Illuminated 12 Volt

• Airbrush Spray Booth with Illumination HS-E420DCLK
• quick to assemble and disassemble
• 4m³/min / 45 dB / 12 Volt/DC

Airbrush Extension Hose for the Extraction Unit WilTec 420

• Extension hose
• for the Suction Unit Wiltec 420