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Go-Go-Go Valeres can start

Main contractor VALERES is in charge

With respect to the consistently positive experience concerning the instruction of the warehouse located at Königsbenden 28 in 2010 in cooperation with the company VALERES Industriebau GmbH located in Würselen, we have come to place another order with said company after intensive meetings regarding our project..

A detailed implementation planning is starting from today.

The count-down is running:
The construction of the steel will be initiated in 10-12 weeks.

Application for the construction submitted

Today we finally received the building permission for our project Ernst-Abbe-Str..Subject to the submission of the audited statics we may now initiate the construction. We may live with this restriction, – no static, no steel construction -, so it seems that there is no obstacle to the realization of the first construction phase on the part of the city.

It should look like this:

ground plan of implementation planning of the first construction phase – exterior view
ground plan of implementation planning of the first construction phase – exterior view


Implementation planning of the first construction phase
Implementation planning of the first construction phase

Purchase Agreement – Approval – Planning permission application

We have made our homework, all parties have agreed to the purchase agreement. Any and all possible and impossible cases have been taken into consideration, the notary contract was signed.

6 weeks after signature the corporate group located in the United States has signalized that they approved of the deal by “giving an overall green light”.

Today we were able to instruct the planning permission application (§15 HOAI 1 to 4) that is going to result in the submission of the approval for the construction to the authorities of Eschweiler.

May WilTec do a construction on the property?

The dialogue with the property´s owner has been conveyed via the city of Eschweiler.

The conversation started stiffly because the owner is known as a “global player”. If it hadn´t been because of the city´s pressure, the conversation would probably have ended up in a dead end. Following to the proprietor´s call, it hadn´t taken but 15 minutes to finalize the purchase.

Said and done.

Even with the further steps dragging along, the notary contract was really special because the proprietor reserves the right to withdraw for the eventuality that the corporation in the United States denies their approval.

At the same time, we commissioned an architect to do the development of the project. The property had to be planned in order to avoid any mistakes arising from dimensioning of the road, canal and buildings – mistakes hardly to correct afterwards by considerable efforts or – in the worst case –cannot be corrected at all.

This is the basic planning:

Planning of the project IGP-Eschweiler – Ernst Abbe-Str.
Planning of the project IGP-Eschweiler – Ernst Abbe-Str.

It´s for sure now: Yes … we can !

IGP WilTec Area Ernst-Abbe-Str

New storage areas for WilTec – this is about how it started

A modern, customer-oriented online shop is in permanent need of new storage areas in order to keep growing. After the warehouse located in Königsbenden 28 started its operation in 2010 disposing of a storage of 2900 pallet we already had been looking since 2012 to enlarge the area. Even for the initiation of the “pond season” 2014 we disposed of a merchandise the size of 1332m³. Being erected, the wall measures a length of 133,2m, a height of 10m and a width of 1m. It´s being an open secret – There is no space.

The promotion of economy in Eschweiler was not very supportive in searching to expand. We have been offered areas that even 4 years later have not yet been made accessible. Then there were other properties which had not been offered at all. Being an entrepreneur one had to wonder if this is the right place to settle down? This is why we took a glance at our surroundings. Online trading means logistics, logisticians cannot renounce accessibility for employees, carriers and service providers for express goods. In other words, our goods have to be delivered, distributed, packed and sent via parcel service. This requires highways, the motorway A 4 with its exit Eschweiler-Ost isn´t but 2 km away from our present location, an advantage our neighbours are not able to offer. To move to another city may create further considerable problems with regard to the internal exchange of goods. So the idea has finally been rejected.

The change of personnel at the Office for promotion of economy came to make the decisive change. We were offered 2 properties. While we had been looking for approximately 20.000 qm², now we were offered 26.000 qm² and 34.000 qm². A bit too much but having innovated our economic growth we have come to realize that we can set aside any problems regarding the site for the meantime. In the long run we may combine the location which would simplify the internal flow of goods considerably.

A field of green, 26.000 qm², at the border of the IGP. Easy to make it accessible, easy to divide. Having a height of only permitted 7,50m above road, it is to flat, the hall and shelving areas would definitely be too expensive. This is why the property presumably had not yet been sold before.

34.000 qm² and different planning for construction: just approximately 300 m away from the other property, having a height of 10 m which is dream-like. This means a height of 7,50 m for the pallets, there is neither an alarm system for fire nor an extinguishing system. So our decision has been made in January 2014 – after a 3 years´ search: WilTec goes IGP.