Week 6 + 7: WilTec Building project

The last 14 days have run by very slowly, the weather was really bad, there has been a lot of rain. The bad storm called “Heini” along with a temperature below 0°C have not turned out to be very helpful with regard to our construction project, however, we are on schedule.

  • The steel construction is done. Hall 1 – the middle section as well as Hall 2 are done.
  • The frontage of Hall 1 is almost done. Hall 2 has already been started.
  • The ground pipes concerning Hall 1 and the middle section have been installed.
  • The steel roof of Hall 1 has been mounted.
  • The loading ramp for the trucks has been set.
  • The scaffold by “Leipertz scaffolding” has been installed for the roofer.

The forthcoming week is going to be hectic and worth for a further report.

  • The underground engineering gets started which means that the construction of the drainage pipes is initiated.
  • The roofer seals the roof of Hall 1.
  • The foundations for the shelving bars are cast.
  • The light bands are supplied and installed …

It is going to be exciting. If there is no bad weather coming up, Hall 1 will be done by Christmas to the effect that the assembly of the shelving system can get started the 2nd week of January 2016.